What do you need in your large room?

While small living rooms have their own challenges due to their limited space, large rooms present their own set of issues. These large rooms can be wonderful for entertaining, but not as cozy or even functional for day to day living.

So What do you need in your large room? Follow our tips to make your room as much cozy as possible.

What do you need in your large room?

1, Furniture to divide the space visually

To divide up a room visually, you need ceiling beams, half walls or pillars. Also, for flexibility, you might be able to use area rugs, curtains, wallpaper and furniture placement to help create visually cozy spaces within the larger room. Even a sofa with its back to another space, or a chaise lounge, a large bench, tables between chairs, an attractive screen, large lamps, curtains, or plants can help divide the spaces.

2, Furniture to anchor the room

Great rooms or large living areas can end up feeling cluttered if you put too many small pieces in the room without at a couple of anchoring pieces. A sectional, large sofa, large coffee table and even built in bookcases or a piano will help anchor a room so smaller pieces can be tucked in here and there as accents if necessary.

3, Creative lighting

Especially for a large room, lighting can make a difference in how the room feels. Fortunately with a large room there are often more windows, so during the day lighting isn’t as much of a concern. But shadows and dark corners can make everyone feel uneasy at night. If you have just one center ceiling light, you will likely want to add more light with lamps. A room can look awkward if you have too many lamps, though, so here are a couple of tips for lighting a large room.

Perhaps pick two or three lamps of larger scale with similar shades and then mix in slimmer less obtrusive metal floor and wall lamps to bring lighting all around the room. Mixing in glass lamps can also prevent lamp overload. You can have an outlet put into the floor near the perimeter of a conversation area for a lamp cord if it isn’t convenient to plug it in the wall.

4, Tall potted plants and air purifier

What you really need in your large room is your constant refreshed air flow. Also, fill vertical height in rooms with tall ceilings or fill bare, lonely corners with potted trees. As long as your space gets enough light to support the plant’s needs (check with your garden landscape store for instructions and recommendations), you really can’t go wrong with adding a massive houseplant.

Air purifier will add more design and functions into your large room. What you need in your large room is one of these best large room air purifier, which is capable of dealing with lots of space in your room.

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5, Color

Color and pattern can be used to break up big expanses of walls in a great room or cut the size of a tall wall down to a more comfortable height. Add wainscoting with varying shades of neutrals or colors painted above and below the molding. If you have a high ceiling, you may want to try a simple trick to cozy up your room. If you paint the ceiling a shade or two or even several shades darker than your walls (or use paneling!), your ceiling won’t seem as tall and your room might feel more snug and cozy.