Is it safe to stay in a house with smoke damage?

When your home has had a fire, you know it’s necessary to get fire damage repair services. But something else you should treat with as much attention as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very invasive and can find itself anywhere in your house, including between your walls, furnishings and any space in your house. The soot leftover can cause damage to your belongings and the remaining odors are obnoxious. We know how frustrating smoke damage is, but we also know how hazardous it is as well. Damages from smoke need to be taken care of correctly, because it isn’t safe to linger in an area where a fire has occurred.

Getting rid of any remnants of smoke damage is just as crucial as cleaning up fire damage. Soot and smoke that lingers can actually damage the health of everyone residing in the house. It isn’t safe to live inside a house with smoke contamination, even when all the smoke has been removed, there could still be soot and particles around that you can’t see. That’s why it’s crucial to get a professional to inspect your residence after you’ve experienced a home fire.

How Smoke Pollution Affects Your Health

Tar and carbon are some of the byproducts from smoke, and if these are breathed in over a period of time, they can cause damage to your lungs. Carbon monoxide is another big problem to take into account as well. It’s an extremely hazardous gas that expels oxygen in the blood when breathed in, which keeps oxygen away from the heart, brain and other organs. After your property has experienced a fire, you need the best air purifier for smoke to save you right away.

A few of the health issues that can emerge from smoke contamination can consist of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your lungs and sinuses could be impacted directly, making breathing challenging, if your property hasn’t had smoke contamination removed of correctly. Even when your residence is clear from smoke, the remaining residue from the flames and smoke could still remain in your furniture and carpets. If this is the case, then you’re at risk of breathing in the residue which can proceed to medical attention down the road.
  • Skin Damage – The residue that is stuck in your clothing, carpets and furniture can lead to mild, or even severe, skin irritation that can’t be treated from lotion. That’s why it’s crucial to have your personal belongings purged from smoke contamination.
  • Eye Irritation – Itchy, watery, red eyes are a typical complication stemmed from smoke particles remaining in your house. When the problem isn’t addressed, not only will your eyes be aggravated, but more harm could be done to them.

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