Fetch your Breathe up

Men of wisdom fetch their breath up from deep inside and below while others breathe with their voice box alone.

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela often relied on mind-cleansing meditation combined with deep breathing to restore their flagging energy and create inner peace whenever stress built up in their lives.

Normally, we tend to breathe with just the top half of our lungs, leaving the bottom half unused and full of stale, impure air, preventing the fullest absorption of oxygen. The stale air resulting from the poor use of lung capacity virtually affects every organ in the body. We take tens of thousands of breaths per day; yet, it is quite possible that we may spend our whole lifetime without ever pondering about whether we can improve the quality of breathing.

Considering our breathing becomes more and more shallow and ineffective from birth onwards, this is a matter of utmost concern.

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