Fetch your Breathe up

Men of wisdom fetch their breath up from deep inside and below while others breathe with their voice box alone.

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela often relied on mind-cleansing meditation combined with deep breathing to restore their flagging energy and create inner peace whenever stress built up in their lives.

Normally, we tend to breathe … Read More

How To Make A Large Living Room Cosy

Most of the people prefer large living rooms. However, such rooms give a cold appearance, especially if they have vaulted ceilings. Who doesn’t love a spacious place? However, at the same time everyone yearns for a room that could make them feel warm, comfortable, cozy and always welcoming.

A large space can be broken up into more personal space … Read More

Don’t ruin your health during Holidays

I guess you are keeping a holiday diary to record each time you were stressed, felt joyful or snuck in a little indulgence. Is that right?

The holidays are a time of being together and love, but they can also wreck our routines and healthy habits.

If, like many of us, the holidays leave you feeling rushed, spread thin and … Read More